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Aging & Youth 2017-2018

The Senate Aging & Youth Committee met on Tuesday, April 24, 2018 to consider the following:

SB 891, PN 1203 (Argall) – This bill amends the State Lottery Law to require the Pennsylvania Department of Aging to cross-check their list of PACE and PACENET beneficiaries with death records maintained by the Pennsylvania Department of Health.  The bill was reported as committed (unanimous).

HB 1232, PN 2194 (Murt) – This bill amends the Child Protective Services Law to require K-12 schools, public or non-public, and all hospitals to publicly display a poster that contains the statewide toll-free Childline number for reporting suspected child abuse or neglect.  Senator Brooks offered amendment A06910, which:

  • Requires that posters also contain the statewide telephone number relating to school safety (Safe2Say Program);
  • This bill extends from five to ten years the time period valid general protective services reports must be maintained in the statewide database;
  • Allows county agencies to continue to maintain protective services reports after they have been expunged by the state;
  • Changes the status of individuals who are involved in co-op programs from “employer” to “volunteer” so they do not have to pay for a clearance in order to participate in volunteer services; and
  • Requires health care professionals in Pennsylvania to provide notice to the state of any infant under the age of one who is affected by substance use or withdrawal resulting from parental drug use, and removing any current exemptions for notification. The clarifies that notification of infants born affected by or showing withdrawal from substance use or Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder will not be deemed child abuse.

The amendment was approved unanimously and the bill was reported as amended (also unanimous).

The Senate Aging and Youth Committee met on Wednesday, October 25, 2017 to consider the following:

HB 425, PN 441 (Nelson) – This bill extends the moratorium to exclude current PACE/PACENET enrollees from becoming income-ineligible for PACE/PACENET solely based on cost-of-living adjustment (“COLA”) increases in Social Security income, otherwise set to expire December 31, 2017. The bill was unanimously approved without amendment.

Senator Art Haywood

Senator Art Haywood

Committee Chair