Consumer Protection & Professional Licensure 2019-2020

The Senate Consumer Protection and Professional Licensure Committee met on Wednesday, March 27, 2019, and took action as follows:

Reported Out as Committed:

SB 217 (Farnese) The bill amends the Assessors Certification Act of 1992 by removing the current exemption in the law for assessors in Philadelphia County. The bill was reported out unanimously.

Reported Out as Amended:

SB 25 (Bartolotta) The bill amends The Professional Nursing Law by providing for licensure of certified nurse practitioners in the Commonwealth. The bill was reported out unanimously.

SB 112 (Yaw) The bill amends Title 35 (Health and Safety) to expand the current limitations on providing opioid prescriptions from minors to include all individuals. The bill was reported out unanimously.


Senator Lisa Boscola

Senator Lisa Boscola

Committee Chair