Harrisburg – Protecting Pennsylvania’s natural resources and ensuring a sustainable environment for future generations is a priority for the Pennsylvania Senate Democrats.

Lawmakers have called on the House Natural Resources and Energy Committee to bring Growing Greener legislation up for a vote.

Sen. John Yudichak (D- Luzerne/Carbon) has been vocal in his support for Growing Greener projects and Senate Bill 705, which is a vehicle to get Growing Greener III moving forward.

“Growing Greener has invested millions of dollars, not only in environmental protection and conservation, but also in economic development,” said Yudichak. “Reclaiming the abandoned mines, cleaning up our rivers and streams is good not only for the environment, it’s good for creating jobs and helping economic development.”

Passing Growing Greener legislation would reinvigorate the program and provide necessary resources to address the growing environmental challenges in the state.

Growing Greener initiatives have received bi-partisan support in the General Assembly since the first Growing Greener program was enacted in 1999.