Op-Ed: Workers need a Pa. Workplace Freedom Act

The following op-ed was posted by PennLive.com. As expected, the Supreme Court voted against unions and working people in the Janus v. AFSCME case. This landmark decision makes it easier for anti-worker extremists to rig the economy and try to divide working people....

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We must act to stop crumbling schools in Philadelphia, across Pa.

Op-ed By Senator Vincent Hughes

Our schools are crumbling. Before the Inquirer reported on the deplorable conditions in Philadelphia schools, I heard that message from parents and students and even viewed it with my own eyes while visiting city schools. Seeing the conditions in which some of our students learn broke my heart but challenged me to act. And my proposal, the “Public School Building Renovation and Rehabilitation Program,” aims to help K-12 public schools fight this infrastructure crisis.

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Redlining is keeping people of color out of homes

Op-ed By Senator Vincent Hughes

The practice of redlining, which segregated communities and prevented minorities from achieving home ownership as their version of the American Dream, appears to be alive and well in our city and many communities across the nation.

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Veto the Drug Formulary, Governor Wolf

Op-ed By Senator Jay Costa, Jr. & Rep. Frank Dermody

Sitting on Governor Tom Wolf’s desk right now is Senate Bill 936 – legislation that would interfere with the relationship between an injured worker and their doctor, as a way to save money for the insurance industry.

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Inaction is Not an Option

By State Senator Wayne Fontana

Americans are fed up with this nation’s gun violence epidemic. It is intolerable.

Horrific accounts of deranged mass murderers using military-grade assault weapons to indiscriminately spray bullets into crowds of innocent people has become part of the regular news cycle. Lives are lost, families are destroyed and communities paralyzed.

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Action to Address Worker Wages First Step on Long Road to Equity

By State Senator Vincent Hughes

Frustrated by years of resistance from legislative Republicans to raise worker wages, Gov. Tom Wolf announced plans to lift the state’s salary threshold below which Pennsylvania salaried workers automatically receive overtime pay.   The governor’s action is hard on the heels of efforts by my colleagues and I to address worker pay and make our wage and salary system equitable.

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#MeToo is a Beginning – Here’s Why We Can’t Turn Back Now

By State Senator Judy Schwank

My first job in college was working in a university demonstration garden. I had dreamed of being a horticulturist since I was 10 years old, and this was the first time I would get to work in my chosen field.

I was beyond excited when my manager, who was also my professor, called me into his office. I had so many ideas for the garden and was thrilled for an opportunity to share them.

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Transit Worker Protection Now!  General Assembly Dawdles, Workers Assaulted

Op-ed by Sen. Christine M. Tartaglione

For transit workers, the news hasn’t changed much and it certainly hasn’t gotten better.  It’s the same story, year after year: “SEPTA bus driver taken to hospital after men throw liquid on her,” “Man charged with assault in punching, beating of SEPTA bus driver,” “Bus driver shooting sparks calls for safety.”

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State Troopers Raise Retirement Tsunami Warning Flags

Op-ed column by state Sen. Jim Brewster The Pennsylvania State Troopers Association has posted bright flags warning of a potentially devastating trooper retirement tsunami looming just over the horizon. If the storm comes together and the retirement tidal wave hits,...

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New, Tough Campaign Finance Law Needed to Thwart Outside Money Influence

Op-Ed by Senate Democratic Leader Jay Costa –

On the ballot this year are three critical seats on the state Supreme Court, one seat each on the Superior and Commonwealth courts as well as county row offices and municipal posts which influence how citizens are judged or represented. These races are of statewide interest and local importance.

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