On Monday, January 22, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled in a 4-3 decision that the 2011 redistricting of Pennsylvania’s congressional seats violated the state constitution. Pennsylvania has 18 congressional districts; 13 of them are held by Republicans and just 5 are held by Democrats. The Court decided that the maps that yielded that representation were too motivated by political party and gerrymandered to protect Republican control.

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Thanks for checking out our new site! The PA Senate Dems have always been committed to transparency, and we hope our new website reflects that. We want to be open and clear about what we will be fighting for in 2018 and beyond. Please check out the priorities section to learn more about our legislative agenda for 2018 and issues we will be taking up to better the lives of Pennsylvanians. But we also want to hear from YOU. We want to know what matters to YOU and YOUR family. Feel free to reach out using the contact page or find us on social media at @PASenateDems. We look forward to serving you in 2018 and the years ahead.

Portraits of PA

Portraits of PA is a rotating photo gallery produced by the PA Senate Democrats. We aim to connect with Pennsylvanians on a deeper level to explore issues that impact their daily lives. These are your neighbors, your family, your friends, your community. By bringing these issues to life, and sharing these stories, we hope to create real, meaningful and lasting change.

Healthcare for PA

When we heard that healthcare for Pennsylvanians was under threat, we quickly organized a statewide ACA mobile enrollment tour and traveled the state to spread awareness and increase enrollment. We were able to meet with, educate and enroll hundreds of folks. It was an amazing opportunity to meet with people in many different walks of life to hear their stories, learn what healthcare means to them, and ultimately, make sure they were covered for 2018.

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