Post Session Report :: Tuesday, June 7, 2016


HB 57 PN 49 (Payne): This bill amends Title 66 (Public Utilities) to provide for the recovery of natural gas costs.  The bill was approved with a vote of 50-0.

SB 1195 PN 1677 (White): This bill amends the “Pennsylvania Greenhouse Gas Regulation Implementation Act” to update the deadlines for plan submission. Senator White offered Amendment A08069, which would amend definitions, make technical changes and changes time tables to allow for public and legislature review of pending regulations. The amendment was originally agreed to.  Senator Fontana motioned to reconsider the vote by which the Amendment was adopted.  The motion was agreed to and the amendment was adopted 47-3 and the bill went over as amended.

SB 1227 PN 1881 (Blake): This bill amends the Administrative Code to transfer the functions of the Public Employee Retirement Commission.  PERC’s Act 66 of 1981 state pension review functions would be transferred to the Independent Fiscal Office and its Act 205 of 1984 municipal pension functions to the Auditor General Department.  The bill was approved with a vote of 50-0.

HB 1241 PN 3451 (Brown): This bill amends Title 66 to clarify the definition of “public utility” and adds the definitions of “resort” and “independently owned user premises”.   The bill was approved with a vote of 50-0.


Executive Nominations

The following nominees were approved, 50-0:

Ronald Gray, Jr, State Board of Barber Examiners

Donald Koontz, State Conservation Commission

Ross Orner, Jr, State Conservation Commission

Mary Ann Warren, State Conservation Commission

James M. Farrell, II, State Board of Cosmetology

Mary Lou Michaels, Trustee, Hamburg Center

Keith E. Loiselle, State Board of Medicine

Jeffrey N. Brown, Pennsylvania Convention Center Authority

Robert G. Loughery, Pennsylvania Convention Center Authority

Steve Hoffman, Trustee, Selinsgrove Center

Mary A. Soderberg, State Employees’ Retirement Board

Georgiann Eckrote-Jones, Trustee, White Haven Center

Gregory M. Smith, Trustee, White Haven Center