Senate Democrats to Travel PA to Host Open Houses on Addiction

The Pa Senate Democrats will once again travel the state to host open houses with resources for those struggling with substance addiction. Join us for an informational open house for those suffering from any form of substance addiction and for their family, friends and neighbors. 

Governor Tom Wolf Signs Executive Order on Gun Violence

Governor Tom Wolf signs an executive order to make sweeping changes to executive branch agencies and programs to better target the public health crisis of gun violence. The executive order is the result of months of work by Governor Wolf and his administration to focus on substantive steps that can be taken to reduce gun violence and make communities safer.

Senate Democrats Remember Victims of Gun Violence and Call for Action

Senate Democrats join Gov. Tom Wolf and U.S. Senator Bob Casey for a bipartisan event in remembrance of the victims of all gun violence and as a call-for-action after a weekend of mass shootings and a continued deaf-ear response from federal and state lawmakers to take up stricter gun laws.


Pennsylvania has not raised it’s minimum wage since 2009, the year the federal minimum wage was set to $7.25. 

For those who work full-time making this wage, it means living under the federal poverty line. This is unacceptable and it is time to
raise the wage.

Election and Voting Reform

The integrity of our government depends on the integrity of our elections.

Whether it is the local, state, or federal level, we must work to create an election system that is inclusive, accessible, and transparent to the people it serves and is held to the standard of Democracy our nation seeks to promote.

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