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NORTH WALES – May 30,  2019 —  Senator Maria Collett has announced today that Upper Moreland Township has been awarded $106,500 in Automated Red Light Enforcement (ARLE) funding to improve traffic safety.

Pennsylvania’s ARLE program aims to make signalized intersections safer by providing automated enforcement methods.

Upper Moreland Township will use the funds to upgrade pedestrian and traffic signals at the intersection of Blair Mill Road and Horsham Road by installing countdown pedestrian signals emergency preemption, video detection, and radar dilemma zone detection.

“Modernizing our traffic safety methods is crucial in keeping pedestrians, drivers, and cyclists safe,” said Senator Collett. “This project in Upper Moreland Township will help improve walkability and hold red light violators accountable, while assisting our hardworking police force with routine traffic enforcement.”

Projects were selected by a committee based on their cost, benefits, effectiveness, local and regional impact, and cost sharing. Out of 134 applications, 50 projects were selected across 36 municipalities.

Under state law, the ARLE grants are funded by fines from red light violations at 30 intersections in Philadelphia. A total of $15.4 million will be distributed by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT).