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Pittsburgh, Pa. − November 25, 2019 − Senate Democratic Leader Jay Costa, Jr. today announced the award of $500,000 for the Allegheny Land Trust for an open space protection and recreation project in Penn Hills and Churchill boroughs.

The Land Trust will purchase 145 acres of land on the site on the former Churchill Country Club. The club has been closed since 2013, after operating since 1931. At its peak, the club had more than 1,000 members but for the past several years has remained unused.

“It is exciting to see a partnership come together to breathe new life into a familiar institution like the Churchill Country Club,” said Senator Costa. “This is going to be a large, but valuable project, and I was honored to advocate for it to receive state funds. So many of my constituents, myself included, will soon get to enjoy a beautiful open space recreation center.”

Representatives from the Allegheny Land Trust have highlighted the many advantages that the site of the former country club already has, including built in paths from the golf course and the huge number of residents that live nearby. Nearly 95,000 people live within three miles of the facility.

As the redevelopment moves forward, the former club will be transitioned to an open space and passive recreation center fully open to the public.

This project will be funded in part by the 2019 DCNR Recreation and Conservation grant program.